Label Connector

A Connector Tool for Nuke. Connect Nodes via label-matching. Super light-weight without callbacks. Uses simple ConnectorDots (Dot nodes named “Connector…”) and node labels plus a handy UI to connect new nodes from anywhere in the DAG.

LabelConnector on GitHub
LabelConnector on Nukepedia

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Quick Manual


  • no ConnectorDot selected: Creates new ConnectorDot
  • ConnectorDot selected: Renames ConnectorDot alongside all dependent Nodes.


  • >= 1 selected nodes: Connects all label matches. No ConnectorUI is shown.
  • 1 selected node, no label: Shows ConnectorUI.
  • 0 selected nodes: Will create a new PostageStamp/NoOp, showing the ConnectorUI.


  • 1 selected node, any label: Will show the ConnectorUI instead of connecting the existing label match.

Feel free to color your ConnectorDots, these colors will then appear in the ConnectorUI.

Thanks to Falk Hofmann for helping with the UI and code clean up.


Select any node you want to attach a Connector Dot to, press alt+shift+A.

You can also colorize the Connector Dot – I use the super handy W_HotBox for this, but feel free to choose any Node Color. The color will be reflected in the Connector UI.

Click free DAG space, or any Node you want, and hit A to set a new connection.

You can type a Connector Name or click any button. With previously no Node selected, it will create a NoOp (3D) or PostageStamp (2D).

Selecting a Connector Dot and hitting alt+shift+A again renames the Connector Dot as well as all attached Nodes.

Buttons are sorted alphabetically. 

After copy-pasting a group of Nodes, they’re all selected. Just hit A to connect them all.